About Ariel

I went to Spain originally to work with N. Africans, because I don’t think any of us  foresaw the European refugee crisis happening. But working with so many nationalities over the past few years has been a very powerful thing—to know that I’m reaching far beyond my original vision and further than anybody else’s expectations of what my work would be, only because God has opened the door for me to have impact with cultures that I never would’ve expected: Bangladeshis, Iranis, Syrians, and more.

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Whether by street preaching, teaching how-to seminars, helping someone learn English, or even through strategic prayer and worship, my work is to plant the Church in this city.  

But for all that’s being done here, there are still things no one is doing.  No one is really reaching groups we call ‘marginalized’ because they don’t really fit within Spain: the Chinese, the African men out of the street— I pass these guys every day, and it breaks my heart that no one is reaching out to them.  

99% of the people in Spain do not know Jesus.  That’s 99% of the people in the park when I’m exercising or 99% on the people on the metro when I’m downtown— 99% of 46 million people in Spain have never had a true encounter with Jesus Christ!

I look forward to taking every opportunity out I can to lead people closer to Jesus, whether it’s introducing them to Jesus for the first time or helping to mentor others into a greater role of serving Him—that’s what I want to do for the rest of my life and certainly for the next few years in Spain!