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Are you interested in participating directly with the work in Madrid?  

The need of Spain is so great that one of the primary ways we can offset that is to raise up young people who will follow the call of God in their own life. It’s important to me that people learn how to serve God effectively, but my hope is also that they will be able to go to marginalized ethnic groups and be a gospel witness in these distinct communities. 

We offer a couple of ways to connect personally with the work God is doing here below

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The Missions Team Experience

We host teams. you can experience the needs of this country for yourself and use your passion for God to make a difference in this community.  

The International Church Internship

Madrid offers internships from a few weeks to a few months, and you can work in English or Spanish.

Long Term Opportunities

We offer long-term opportunities for one year or two year commitments, working with women, homeless, refugees, children, and so much more!  

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Meet Ariel


After more than 20 years in missions in the Middle East, Africa, and Europe, Ariel Rainey is currently working with ethnic minorities within Spain.

Whether they are refugees, immigrants, or even the homeless on the streets of Madrid, these nationalities represent unreached people groups from all over the world.

Ariel leads the outreach ministry of International Church:Madrid, to present Christ through cultural and practical compassion ministry, as well as personal evangelism and street ministry.

Ariel is also active in mentorship of young adults who wish to serve in missions, whether short term or with a plan for a future in inter-cultural ministry.

Ariel loves communication; she speaks English,French and Spanish, and makes funny jokes in Arabic with Middle Eastern refugees. She enjoys preaching, teaching, and writing when

she gets a chance. She's also a singer with her local church worship team, leading others into the presence of God in prayer, praise and worship.


The Work in Spain

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