All Day, Every Day

I often joke that my life here is one big experiment in how many coffees I can drink in one day.  From the first cup ‘o joe I enjoy in the morning, to all the “coffee meetings” I have throughout the day, including the little coffee breaks I enjoy with colleagues, my day runs on Dunkin’—well, maybe not Dunkin’ exactly but it certainly runs on “café con leche.”  

Coffee People and Jesus in Europe -

Coffee is such an integral part of European life in general, that every country I’ve lived in, served in, and visited here has offered its own unique coffee culture.  There’s an art form to the taste, design, and style in which it’s served.   Whether it comes with squares of exquisite dark chocolate, a la français or with crispy ginger cookies on the side, European coffee isn’t just a drink to quench your thirst or give you a little energy.  It’s a form of communication. It’s an invitation to a sacred, shared space of intimacy with another person.   

I live in a city with an ENDLESS supply of cute, charming cafes, and in the future, I’ll probably eventually write up some reviews of my favorites.  I try to enjoy the Spanish coffee culture as much as I can!  And my focus for 2019, “Invest,” is part of my motivation—if I can invest my time in friendships and encouraging others to grow in their faith, I’ll use every cafe in Madrid to make that happen.  I try to connect with at least two people a week in intentional investment.  And if comes with a steaming cup of coffee topped with hot, foamy milk—well, that’s even better!