Going to the Gym, Polar Vortex or Not

It’s like 47° below zero, and I’m headed to the gym right now to work out. When I woke up this morning swaddled in blankets and fleece pajamas, there was *no way* that I wanted to get out of that bed and get dressed to go to the gym. But here I am.

I can do this for a couple of reasons:

Determination. Discipline. Call it what you will. I have a *habit *of going to the gym and working out in the mornings, so that means that whether it’s freezing outside or blazing hot, I’m going to do what I’ve already determined to do. And that’s not just about working out; this the way I eat, the way I worship, and the way I work.  I am determined to be the person that I *want* to be, and my decisions follow my determination.

Accountability.  I have a workout partner who’s going to meet me at the gym. I hate to disappoint her, and if I’m completely honest, I hate to look like I’m a real wimp in front of her. Knowing that she’s also getting out of a warm bed and into a cold car on a morning like this helps remind me that I’m doing this with and for her as well. It makes it so much harder to be lazy when I know I’ve got someone who is meeting me in 10 minutes.

Power.  In a weird way being able to do something like this also gives me a feeling of power. It’s like saying, I won’t let anything defeat me.  I’m strong enough, or even brave enough, to face whatever life throws at me and determine what I’m gonna do with it. That’s a special kind of liberation. I can remember long periods of my life where I lived in a sense of fear: fear of what could happen, fear of what others might think, fear of the crazy “what ifs” that exist, but I’ve learned now to live in this freedom of *deciding for myself* what I’m gonna do with the circumstances that are presented to me. And on days like this, I’m still going to get up and go work out!  And then I’m gonna strut my selfies on instagram like a boss. Because I did it, polar vortex or not!

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