Missionary FAQ: We know you need partnerships, but what if we can’t support you RIGHT NOW?

I actually heard this question just this week: “What if we can’t support you *right now*?”

Both churches and individuals often have a heart for missions that outweighs their current financial status, and consequently they WANT to support, but just aren’t in a position to be able to do that at the moment.

Here are some facts:

*Whenever* you begin support, God will bless and multiply what you give. If that’s today, great! If that’s a year from now, it’s still going to go to ongoing Kingdom work for the gospel, and it’s still going to be a blessing! It will still represent your faith and your obedience to God, even if you aren’t able to make a commitment in the immediate future.

*God’s provision is always MORE than enough. One reality we face is the decline of support over time. When I leave for a four-year term, I know that some folks will have life circumstances that may change their ability to continue giving—losing a job, retiring, or even the sudden death of a supporter.

But, by the glory of God, every time I personally have lost support from one partner, another individual or another church has taken their place. That’s why support that comes a year from now or two years from now is still incredibly valuable! God is going to use that in His economy to make up for any lack. He balances out my finances so that I always have *more than enough*— not just enough to get by, but beyond-expectation, pressed-down, shaken-together and running-over the budget that a mere human came up with. He likes to show off that way!

*Excess funds mean that miracles can happen. Let’s say that I raise 100% of my budget, and a year from now, several more families are able to start supporting me, and I've got well over 100%. The excess funds build up in my account, allowing me to do major projects when God opens a door for more ministry. Anything that I’m able to raise above that base number just allows me to do more/greater for the kingdom of God when the opportunity arises.

So you can’t give today? That’s fine. When you CAN, honor the Lord with your faith, and He’ll bless your obedience and generosity. He’ll provide me with the necessary means for growth. That’s why I am still meeting with pastors and churches throughout this month, even though I’ve raised what I need, because I believe in sowing for the future, and I hope that you believe in sowing for the harvest, too. Everything we sow, now or next season, is still part of the ultimate harvest of what God is doing in Europe.