Book Recommendations: Muslims

Book recommendation time! People often ask me for a good book to read if one is interested in working with Muslims.

I have read countless books that have been helpful in understanding Muslims or understanding the background of Islam, and a few *really good* books on how to share your personal experience with Muslims.

“Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus” is a very popular book that helps people understand more about how a Muslim can meet Jesus. It is the personal testimony of Nabeel Qureshi, describing how he encountered Jesus in a personal way.. It is worth reading if for no other reason than the glory it brings to the Lord to read this beautiful memoir of faith. It will encourage you to keep praying and believing for Muslims to have encounters like this one.

For actual ministry, one of my favorite books (one that I have referenced often in seminars) is “Muslims, Christians, and Jesus” by Carl Medearis. All of his books are quality, because his 30+ years in Lebanon and later work in the United States have given him a wealth of experience. This isn’t academic writing from someone who researches Islam; he’s a practitioner, and I admire people who *get out and do* what they write books about.

Again, if you’ve read a particular book in this subject, let me know what you like and why. Do you know of other resources (seminars, podcasts, websites) that might aid someone in their pursuit of serving Muslims?

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