Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day! I'm reflecting today on the love I've been shown in my life and the way I can show love to others.

Today I got to show love in MANY ways: I celebrated the birthday of a good friend. We bought her brunch, gave her gifts, and each of us shared why she means so much to us. We talked about memories and her influence in our lives and in our church.

I visited my Muslim friend in her home. She's been sick with cancer for months and just got home yesterday from a month in the hospital. I prayed for her, and spoke life and healing over her. I still believe God for a miracle to take place in her body! I talked to her mom (visiting from Morocco) in Arabic and made her smile. I teased her son and brought them both healthy food AND candy ;). She didn't stop smiling the whole time I was there.

I walked to Oasis Center (right in the same neighborhood) and surprised my former colleagues and the children of the "homework help" group. I encouraged the staff and admired the changes they've made to the building.

I set up more coffee meetings for the next few days so I can show love to my new team and honor their efforts in ministry.

My life here, when it boils down to the core element, is showing the love I've received in Christ to others through words, action, and truth. And you've been a HUGE part of that. Your prayers for my friend N* and your agreement in faith--you are showing love here, even if you're not physically here. God's love is "shed abroad in our hearts," and, well, it's going realllllly far abroad today.

happy valentine's day!.png