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Squeezing God's Hand

When I was a child, thanks to many health issues, I was terrified of the procedures and specialists I frequently faced. So my father came up with a brilliant idea: he put out his thumb, and said, “If the doctor does anything that hurts you, you squeeze my thumb with your hand. That way I’ll know that it’s hurting you.”  And I’m quite sure I immediately grabbed his thumb and started squeezing it just from the overwhelming desire to have my dad save me somehow from what was coming. To a child’s mind, squeezing his thumb was a magical way to transfer all the pain from me to him. And I could survive it because I knew that this connection would save me somehow from the effects of whatever procedure I had to endure.

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What's in a Name?

Long before Shakespeare made his famous statement through Juliet’s musings about roses  smelling as sweetly, no matter the name, God gave us a much deeper perspective on names in His Word.  There are a few scant historical and literary references to the name Ariel, including the Bible, since Ariel is a masculine Hebrew name, however much the Disney version has given it a feminine grace.  Ariel is the androgynous spirit in Shakespeare’s The Tempest, and it was also the name of one of the ships of the great American naval hero John Paul Jones.  The meaning of the name Ariel is “Lion of God” and *that’s* what’s prompted my lifelong reflection on the power of names.

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What I'm the Bible

I’m going to tell you something shocking right now: I don’t read the Bible through each year.  I feel like a bad minister somehow admitting that, but I learned years ago that trying to read through the Bible in one year, every year only set me up to read meaninglessly and for a silly checkmark on a photocopy of a reading plan stuffed in the back of my Bible.  While I started every year with good intentions, I always got overwhelmed, and then when life got busy suddenly I was trying to catch up with endless chapters. And constantly jumping from Luke to Leviticus wore me out.

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