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Who am I Now?

“Oh God, who am I now? Once I was secure in familiar territory in my sense of belonging, unquestioning of the norms of my culture, the assumptions built into my language, the values shared by my society. But now you have called me out and away from home, and I do not know where you are leading. I am empty, unsure, and uncomfortable. I have only a beckoning star to follow.”

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As a resident alien in Spain I have an identification card (NIE- photo) that goes everywhere with me. It has my photo, address, valid dates, and of course my NIE number. This is a number specific to me, which begins and ends with a letter, and has 7 digits in between. I memorized it before I even learned my Spanish phone number or address, because it’s connected to literally EVERYTHING I do in Spain. I’m required to show it everyone —from the Amazon guy who drops off my packages to any bank or business establishment. It’s part of my contracts for my apartment, my bills, and my internet service. It’s basically my SSN in Spain. In fact, in three weeks when I go to the airport, I’ll be required to show it at the check-in desk before I even leave America! It goes right with my American passport, to prove that I am both an American citizen and a Spanish resident. 

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