Home from Nantes

I thoroughly enjoyed my mini-vacation in Nantes with my friends. It was relaxing to spend time with other Americans, and they were excellent tour guides to their region of France. We got to see islands, castles, cathedrals, and more. I am not sure which part was the best--it was all so great.

I found this metal sign in a store window and it stopped me in my tracks. I collect crab stuff for my kitchen here in France. I suppose its my way of creating a little niche of "home" here in France. Most of my collection is from Baltimore or Ocean City, but I am always on the lookout for anything with crabs here in France, because, well, how cool would that be! But crabs just aren't as popular here, for obvious reasons, so I have only ever found a little postcard that I framed anyway.

So when I saw this sign in a window, I got all excited. Unfortunately, since its in English, it was probably made in the US or maybe in England, but the important thing is that I bought it in France! I can make a little note on the back of where and when I bought it, for posterity's sake, I suppose. But I was so excited to find it, and it wasn't even expensive! I hung it up on the wall above my stove the day I got back from my trip, and its the first thing I notice now when I walk in my kitchen.

Now, I should mention that when Matt Boyer mentioned crabs on his blog, he got like 26 comments, so I am sort of waiting with baited breath to see what kind of response I get when I mention the magic word guaranteed to make Marylanders take notice!
Ariel Rainey