Time is Never on my side!

Those Rolling Stones must have been smoking something, because I don't see how time is on anyone's side. Especially here in France, where the cultural relationship with time is very different from ours in America. My colleague, in particular, is well-known for being an hour late to everything. In fact, when he says he will be at a meeting at 2:00 pm, we don't even expect him until 2:45 or later. I have started bringing a pocket sudoku book to kill time waiting for him at various meetings. How am I spending my time otherwise? We are still cleaning and moving into our new building, step by step, and I appreciate your patience with my spotty blogging of late. Its not very exciting to describe how I've washed the same window 4 or 5 times and its still streaky. I think next week I will have more exciting news to report.

Ariel Rainey