Today in History

Greetings from Nantes! Nantes is four hours north of Bordeaux and was once the capital of Brittany, one of the prettiest regions of France. I have missionary friends who work here in Nantes as youth pastors, and since I had a bit of time off, I decided to come north and visit their beautiful city.

We did a walking tour of Nantes today, which was focused on the WWII history of the city, including the Resistance and the liberation of the city, which happened 62 years ago today! Yes, the Americans liberated Nantes on August 12, 1944, and we saw a smal parade today of veterans--one carrying an American flag out of recognition and appreciation. The walking tour was certainly interesting, but as my friends and I ate lunch (at a Subway sandwich shop!) we prayed that God would truly liberate the French who are still bound spiritually. Thanks for being a part of that prayer!
Ariel Rainey