Mercy Buckets

One of missionary families I know told me that their children liked to say "Mercy Buckets" as a joking mistake of "Merci Beaucoup" (thank you very much). I just wanted to tell you all how much I appreciated the cards and packages I received for my birthday! You guys really made my day wonderful. I kept all the cards and I'm reading through the magazines slowly (treasuring every one!). I really loved the card from Pasadena AG (my home church) that was signed by about a million people. I've never gotten a card with that many signatures on it!

In other news . . .

Voila our stand at the event in Paris. It wasn't a tradeshow, as I had originally thought. There was a Christian convention and we were in an exposition hall, as part of the conference. All sorts of ministries were on display, including ours for Muslim evangelism. I enjoyed being there and talking to many, many Christian leaders/pastors about our ministry and what their churches can do for Muslims in their local area.

I'd love to write about it in an amusing, anecdotal essay, but I'm tired right now. I keep trying to write it, but it just won't come out the way I want. Trust me when I say it went well and I enjoyed myself. I feel we were effective in our presentation and we spread the word about Muslim ministry as best we could. That's about all I can ask for. Thanks for your prayers for us!
Ariel Rainey