Interactive Poll Time!

Here is the question for open discussion, folks: when is the appropriate time to take down Christmas decorations? I took my tree down on Tuesday evening, mostly to distract myself from Christy's leaving. I finally got all the decorations packed up in boxes yesterday, and I can proudly report that even the annoying fake pine needles have been vacuumed up. However, I have visited in homes here in France that still had their Christmas trees up in February! My neighbors still have their outdoor lights up and blazing at night.

I recently had this subject come up in conversation with some family members and we disagreed (*gasp*) on the dates that decorations should be removed, so I figured I would rally you all to my side--I mean, see what you all think.

Just for fun: this is a picture of some Christmas decorations in the famed Notre Dame church in Paris. I took the picture because I found the sheep to be hideously inappropriate. The plastic sheep were life-sized, while the nativity characters (rather attractively displayed) were only about a yard high. In the first picture, the sheep is actually larger than the kneeling shepherd! For me, these sheep decorations should be taken down as soon as possible.

Ariel Rainey