Back in Bordeaux

I got back late last night and hit the ground running this morning with our latest Muslim Evangelism seminar (part 3 of 4). I had a session to do this afternoon on folk islam but the other sessions ended up going long, so mine got pushed back to the next seminar in May. I can't say I was too disappointed. Being away for the past two weeks didn't help me prepare, and after speaking only English all that time, my French just wasn't as fluid as usual. I was just thinking slower than normal. I really enjoyed seeing all the folks that came to participate though and I added a few comments where I could. Now that I'm chez moi (home) I'm worn out. I have a busy schedule tomorrow, too (more on that tomorrow probably).

Guess what happened in Bordeaux while I was gone . . . It snowed! Ten centimeters! And I missed it! Apparently, it went well below freezing for several days after that, so it didn't melt right away. That explains why I thought it was so cold last night when I stepped off the plane at 10:30. Apparently the snow finally melted yesterday, but I didn't get to see even one flake. I wish I'd been here to take some pictures. It's really rare for snow to fall in this area.

To follow up on my haircut . . . It was a young woman trainee who cut my hair, but as soon as I mentioned that I live in France, the owner of the store, Joël Vervier, sort of took over. He was so excited to speak French to me that he gave me the royal treatment: special moisturizers for my hair, a tingling conditioning treatment, coffee every 30 minutes, and more. He told his other young trainee, a Dutch guy, to give me a scalp massage, which was so wonderful my head almost melted off the reclining chair right into the shampooing sink. He didn't give me a discount, but I certainly got my money's worth with all he did give me! And the best part: my hair looks good!
Ariel Rainey