Guinea Missionaries Follow-up

I received this update from my friends Jim and Becky :

Thursday afternoon a US military flight came into Conakry to help American citizens get out of Guinea. Other airlines also came, but there are way more people than seats on the planes. It was a long day packing up everything, closing up the mission, and going to the airport, waiting there for three hours, flying to Dakar, Senegal and then finally making it to the conference center here around midnight. . . . So where do we go from here? We aren't sure for the long term. Next week we'll be talking about what we can do until conditions are safe to return to Guinea. . . . Please pray for wisdom.
In the meantime, please pray for the people of Guinea. The day before we left I got a call in the morning from Hasinatou, one of Becky's language helpers. She said that she, her husband, and her 7 children had no rice left. In the afternoon during the few hours people are allowed out of their houses, I went to take her family a sack of rice. They were very scared. Some of her children had gone outside her gate during the curfew, and soldiers had pointed their machine guns at these kids and said, "Get back inside that gate or we'll shoot you." One young girl had been taken away by the soldiers and raped. At the market the rice was almost gone, and what could be found was 4-6 times the normal price. The people of Guinea are suffering greatly. Please pray that God would open their hearts to know him. There is so much corruption in the society in general, there cannot be real change unless their hearts change. If these people know Jesus, REAL change will come!

I haven't yet heard from Dan, who is much farther away in the interior of the country. Please continue to pray for him.
Ariel Rainey