Update on my friend Dan

I heard from Dan today. He and his missionary team were able to make it out of Guinea and into Mali. They are safe, but he described some pretty harrowing and miraculous events as they fled to the border. Thank you for your prayers for him and my other friends, as well. I hope that you continue to pray for the situation in Guinea.

In other news . . . you all might get a kick out of this. Wednesday when the repairman fixed my blinds, they wanted to wash their hands at the end. I showed them the kitchen and then stepped out into the hallway. I overheard one whisper to the other, "There are crabs everywhere in here." I laughed and explained that it's a regional speciality in Maryland, and I decorate with all things "blue crab" as a reminder of home. The one guy got kind of excited. Apparently he loves crabmeat because he asked, "So, now, can you get crab all over Maryland or just in one town?" It made me feel like he was going to rush home and schedule a vacation or something.
Ariel Rainey