Please pray for the political situation in the African country of Guinea (Conakry). Due to a decision made by the corrupt president of the country, riots and violence have broken out all over the country, but particularly in the capital city of Conakry. Over the weekend, houses were looted, government buildings were burnt, and over 29 people were killed.

I have several personal friends who are missionaries there: Jim and Becky (6 mos. pregnant) and Hannah, their two year old daughter; Chad and Nikki , and their two sons under the age of five; and Dan, a single young man in a remote village without electricity. I studied French with these missionaries, and spent a lot of weekends playing Uno and eating barbecue with them as well. The circumstances are very scary for them, most of them being too far out even to get to an Embassy rescue flight, if that was even an option.

Please pray for them, as well as the ministries and the converts they work with, who are risking their own lives to give these missionaries what protection they can offer. As Dan said, they are "just keeping our heads down and trying to stay out of the way."

Thanks for your prayers for this unstable country and for my friends, heroes of the faith literally on the frontlines.
Ariel Rainey