Is this room rocking or is it just me?

I've spent too many hours on trains today. I feel like the room is moving, even though I'm completely stationary at the computer.

My trip to Lyon went very well. I went to scope out a church and meet its pastor, Monsieur Chinere. He has asked me to be a speaker for a spiritual retreat for the church's young adults in April. I will be teaching on Muslim evangelism for roughly seven hours over three days. Visiting the church this week gave me a chance to meet him in person and see the ministry up close. He's a dynamic person, with an incredible vision. The church runs about 700 people and has about 40 services a week, if you count all the various departments of the church. He has a radio and TV ministry, a Bible institute, a Christian bookstore (all proceeds support their missions endeavors), several social aid programs, and more. It's amazing.

They are looking for someone to act as director for an outreach to Muslim women. They've developed relationships with these women through the salvation-army type store they currently run, and they envision opening a battered-women's shelter and perhaps a tea-shop in a Muslim community there in the city. They've asked me to pray about this and consider the possibility of helping in this project. I agreed that I would. This is not my only option for the future, so I want to be sure that I make the right decision in the months to come.
Ariel Rainey