There's a Song in the Air

I love to sing. Generally, you can tell when I'm in a good mood, because I'm singing. This morning I woke up with a song in my head, and all day long, I've been singing or humming.

It started with Hillsong's "More to See," a song I only recently discovered. The youth group here is interested in singing it, and I worked with a team of young adults on the French translation of it the other night. (I have no idea what the legal ramifications are). It's a great song, and I love singing it--in either English or French. There is a bridge that is very catchy, and since it repeats over and over, it's easy to get stuck in your mind. "His mercies are new every morning; his mercies are new every day." This morning, I started out my day with that perfectly appropriate line running through my brain.

Then, as I drove to the gym, I listened to Third Day's "These Thousand Hills," which drove Hillsong out of my mind. I kept hitting the repeat button to sing "These Thousand Hills" over and over again, because I was just in the mood for it, I guess. I'll admit that my soprano voice doesn't do the justice to the rock-a-billy Third Day style that Mac Powell's southern grit does, but I still get into singing it.

What are you singing today?
Ariel Rainey