James Brown

I feel good (neh neh neh neh neh neh neh). I knew that I would now. I feeeeeeeeel good. I knew that I would now.

So good
So good
I got you (bom bom bom bom)

I feel good today (as is evidenced by my James Brown impersonation that you will just have to imagine). Guess what I did today? I will give you three hints:

*I smell like chlorine
*My eyes are burning
*I forgot my earplugs, so I'll probably suffer for it.

Yes, that's right. I went swimming at the local pool. I used to swim in Albertville, at the world's most beautiful municipal pool. It was surrounded by the Alps and the whole building was glass, so you felt like you were swimming in the midst of God's glorious creation.

Since I moved to Merignac, I had sort of given up swimming for various reasons. For one thing, it took me forever to find a pool, which as it turns out is about six blocks away! Technically it's a "nautical stadium" so I could never find anything in the yellow pages when I searched under "pool." Once I found it, I had already joined the gym and was pretty regular with my workouts there. I figured once spring came and it was warm enough to walk to the pool, I'd join there, as well.

We've had perfect weather this week, so yesterday I figured it was the right moment and I bought a ten-visit pass, the largest they sell. Today I went at lunch time, and it felt so good to be back in the water.

I highly recommend swimming as an exercise. Not only is it one of the healthiest whole-body workouts, but it's about the only exercise that I think actually feels good while you do it. If you run or walk, you think about how much your feet/legs hurt. If you do aerobics, you think about the sweat dripping down your face. But with swimming, you don't sweat and nothing really hurts. The whole time it feels pleasant and relaxing; even if you're gasping for breath, the water itself is very soothing to the skin and muscles. Plus, if you spent 30-45 minutes swimming laps, I guarantee you a good night's sleep!
Ariel Rainey