Public Service Announcement (for Single Women)

For all the girls who wonder where all the single men are, I can now report three places where men can be found in abundance.

The public pool: I have now joined two public pools in two very different geographic areas, but the one thing that they have in common is men. I've found that just about any gym or sport club will have men and public pools are no exception. In fact, the other day I saw a guy trying his best to hit on two young women while doing laps. This is an example of real diligence! The biggest disadvantage: just because he's alone at the pool doesn't mean he's really single and available. Most of the guys I've seen at the pool seem to be the type to hit on women everywhere they go.

The laundromat: On Mondays, you have your pick! In fact, on many a Monday, I've been the only female in the the place. These guys, one assumes, aren't attached girlfriends or wives, otherwise they wouldn't be doing their own laundry. So they are reasonably "safe" for the picking. The biggest disadvantage: there's definitely a reason whythese guys are single.

The grocery store: Again, Monday nights seem to be the "high" night for single guys to do their shopping. You can hardly navigate the cart down the aisle without passing one. Once again, the laundromat rule holds up--if these guys had a woman, they wouldn't be shopping for themselves, so they are clearly available. Unlike the laundry guys, these single shoppers may actually be attractive! The biggest disadvantage: your life and theirs are on view inside the cart. Romance can be hard to strike up over a three-pack of toilet bowl cleaner (guaranteed to remove tough stains!) After all, some things are better left a mystery.

In other news: I'm aware that everyone is frustrated with Blogger for the problems with signing in. I don't know the solution either. I've spent hours searching the "help" archives to see what I can see, but I can't find the answer. If it makes you feel better, it frustrates me too to know that people are reading but not commenting. I need the feedback; it makes me feel connected to my friends and family. For now, I'm opening the blog to comments from anyone, but I'm reserving the right to preview the comments (in case weirdos want to comment). We'll try that and see how it goes. Most of you know my email address, so drop a line if you have an opinion on how that's working out.
Ariel Rainey