As promised, pictures! Above, we had a baptism for MKs at the retreat. This picture shows both our spiritual emphasis, as well as the very attractive resort facilities that I enjoyed during our free time.

Here, I was touring Barcelona on Sunday after the retreat. I had been traveling all day on an open-air tour bus and its pretty obvious that I'm windblown and worn out, but I was enjoying myself.

This is just one picture of many from the party last night in my apartment. We managed to cram in about thirty people in my living room. People were everywhere, and there was food galore. I have some leftovers, but fortunately, not too much. I got compliments on the food, my taste in decor, and how attractive my family is in all my pictures (especially Syd and Liv). It was like the realization of a dream, having all those young people in my usually empty apartment.
Ariel Rainey