The musical was a rip-roaring success! Thanks for all your prayers and encouragement. There were about 750 people there, most of them unsaved folks who were in church for the first time! The crowd was really fired up, cheering and clapping with the music. They loved it! Several people talked to the pastor afterward, saying how touched they were during the musical, even to the point of tears in some scenes. I was proud to be a part of it.
After another night sleeping on the floor of my empty apartment, I drove to Belgium today (nine hours), so at this point, 11:00 pm, I'm ready to collapse here in my hotel room. Two funny things happened to me already in Belgium: one, my chicken pot-pie was served with french fries to sop up the gravy. This is amusing to me because the Belgians invented "french" fries, and the French make fun of them eating french fries all the time. So to be served fries on the side of a normally fry-less meal made me smile.

Then second, while I was meandering through town finding a restaurant, some guy passing offered to share my evening, if I wanted someone to walk with. I declined but once I got past him, I had to laugh at my "welcome" here in Belgium.
Ariel Rainey