Hyper and Stuttering

Today there were multiple projects going on around here. My dad is still in the hospital, but doing much better than he was last night. My mother's business, a day care center, was having their state inspection this morning. I was busy keeping my grandmother occupied, so that she wouldn't get in the middle of the inspection (as she tends to do since she lives on the property). When I got home from Project Keep Granny Busy Elsewhere, there were a bunch of messages on the machine, from folks telling us that they were praying for Dad; one message in the middle was from my former boss in Israel, whom I hadn't heard from in years. I could hardly wait for him to call back.

When he did, I was at the hospital, but I was very excited to talk to him. I had forgotten what talking to him was like. Besides his southern accent, he stutters in his excitement and enthusiasm for the subject being discussed. He sounds like someone with way too much coffee intake, but its just his passion and his rush to say everything in his mind. I think he was as happy to catch up with me a bit as I was to hear from him. It was a great conversation and definitely one of my day's highlights.
Ariel Rainey