I Love it when . . .

churches call me! Without me hounding them or giving them a "hard sell," I love it when a pastor or a church will call me out of the clear blue to ask if I'm available for a service or a missions convention.

Yesterday I went to Frederick, MD to visit with my great-aunt, who has been recently widowed. I also wanted a chance to encourage my twin cousins about their freshman year at Valley Forge Christian College (my alma mater). They leave tomorrow and naturally, they are equal parts nervous and excited. We had a good visit with my niece Livvy as the primary entertainment, a role she loves!

When I got home, I had a message from an old college friend asking me to come to their church for a Missionettes meeting and a "window" to promote BGMC for the children. BGMC or (Boys and Girls Missionary Crusade) is the giving program for children in the Assemblies of God. Each child saves their coins in a little bank to give to BGMC, which pays for Sunday School materials and other printed matter on the missionfield. Missionettes is an achievement program of the Assemblies of God for elementary age girls. As you can guess by their name, the program was originally designed to help disciple girls and teach them how to serve the local church and the worldwide mission of the Gospel. I think it will be fun to be a part of both programs in this New Jersey church that contacted me.
Ariel Rainey