People say Yes on Thursdays

I should keep this secret all to myself (so I don't ruin a good thing), but . . . . I will share it with you: people are more likely to say "yes" on Thursdays.

I read this fact years ago in an article talking about telemarketing statistics. Their results were always higher/better on Thursdays. I don't know why that is true; I suppose it's something like most multiple choice answers being "c" or other random facts like that.

Since today was Thursday, I started out my morning with a massive list of phone calls. I was hoping that pastors would be more likely to say yes to services and/or support. I did pretty well actually, making several bookings and leaving messages with others. In my humble (and not-at-all-scientific) experience, the pastors were indeed accomodating today!

Just in time, too, because I got my new budget sent to me this afternoon, and I'm going to have to get cracking to raise it in time!
Ariel Rainey