Prayer Need

My father, after having his hip replaced six weeks ago, has developed an infection deep in the hip joint. Yesterday he had a surgery for them to open and cleanse the wound from the original surgery; it was a relatively short surgery, but they doused the wound with 6 liters of antiseptic fluid.

Dad came through the surgery without any problem. However, the infection doctor has not painted a rosy picture at all about the future prospects. He says its a fifty-fifty chance of it healing without a problem. The worst case scenario is dark: months of being bed-ridden, having the hip replacement surgery all over again, etc.

I think that this is incredibly scary for my father, and I can imagine it would be sobering and depressing. No one wants to be laid up for weeks on end, especially considering he's just spent six weeks recuperating from the hip replacement.

Please pray for his health and healing. Please pray that he is encouraged and that his faith remains strong and focused on the Lord's plan in all of this. I know that God is able to heal him completely, and I ask you to agree with me in prayer for this!
Ariel Rainey