Cow Bingo

I was at a church in southern Virginia this weekend (more on that tomorrow), where I heard the most interesting missions fundraiser idea EVER! I can't keep it to myself, so here goes:

Preparation: Sell tickets numbered 1-200. Each ticket contains one number and costs $10. Have someone donate money toward a "grand prize" which at this church was an $800 laptop. Then, take a large field and spraypaint a grid of 2x2 squares on the grass. Then, randomly spraypaint the numbers 1-200 in the blocks, including also some "free spaces" (like in regular bingo). Corral that grid somehow with fencing.

Day of: release a cow (or horse, goat, etc) into the corral. Gather everyone around with their tickets to see where the cow poops. If she goes on your number, you win the grand prize! If the cow patty lands on "Free space" draw a number from a hat (containing the numbers 1-200). Everyone around the corral fence is free to encourage the cow to come toward their number and make herself comfortable. (You could also draw numbers out of the hat for smaller "door prizes" of $100 each or something equally valuable).

Success: If done well, this nets $2,000 for missions with virtually NO WORK. Plus, everyone has a good laugh. This church sold tickets community wide (not just to other church folks) and then held a Brunswick stew dinner on the church grounds as a second fundraiser, making the activities last all day.

I would love to hear if anyone ever use this idea! I hope it makes your missions team a fortune!
Ariel Rainey