One of the nice things about being in different churches all the time is the music. I get to hear all types and I appreciate both the old favorites I haven't heard in a while, as well as new songs that I've never heard before. Sometimes a new song will strike me so much that I ask the music leader afterward what CD I can find it on.

Two weeks ago, I heard Jon Egan/Glenn Packiam's song, "My Savior Lives" at a church that totally rocked it, and I couldn't wait to hear it again. I did a simple search and ordered the CD titled New Life Worship: My Savior Lives from Amazon. From the day that it arrived, I've been carrying it around: from the car to my bedroom to the car again, because I love this CD! Not only do the fast songs have a great beat, but the slow songs are very powerful.

If you're looking for a new worship CD or even doing your Christmas shopping, this is the CD that's currently spinning its way through my disc players.
Ariel Rainey