Unexpected Blessings

Sunday morning found me in Frederick, MD doing a service at my great-aunt's church. My cousins attend there as well, and it became a family adventure when my mom, grandmother, and my niece Olivia joined me for the trip. Sarah was still hospitalized, so Olivia didn't have much choice in the matter, but she was the darling of the church that morning. As I said to the folks there, "She's cuter than I am."

The best part was that she can say my name now, very clearly. As soon as I got up to preach, she started hollering out, "Ariel! Ariel!" Mom had to take her into the church's nursery, which had a window looking into the sanctuary. She stood on something to reach that window's height, so I could see her little face the whole time, and she banged toys against the window still hollering out my name.

Aside from the kick of having my own little fanclub, I think its sweet because when I first arrived home, Livvy didn't know me at all. It has taken a long time for her to be comfortable with me, but I think with Sarah's hospital stay, and Livvy's being at our house for several days, she finally accepted me.

In other news . . . Sarah was discharged on Monday afternoon, and is back to work and normal life--just watching her diet carefully to avoid upsetting her pancreas. I have a friend visiting this week from Vancouver, WA. Sheila and I studyied French together in France. More on her visit later in the week.
Ariel Rainey