What a Difference a Dot Makes

About a month ago, my brother fussed at me for not using Microsoft Outlook to organize my emails, calendar, etc. His argument was that it would be a great benefit. I am a very organized person, so I agreed with the concept. However, I told him I couldn't get Outlook to work right on my computer. Even when he sat down and fooled with it, we couldn't get my current email addresses to route through the program, which rendered it virtually useless.

A few times since then, I've tried to get the appropriate updates and walk through the trouble-shooting advice. I contacted the tech guys at the Assemblies of God missions office and tried to follow their direction, but nothing would work.

Today, I needed some information off a tech-services CD that AGWM has given us. After I printed up the forms I needed, I thought, "Maybe I'll try to set up my Outlook again; there are directions right here on this CD to forward my email through it."

The very first step was to click a little dot indicating what type of server I would be using. Can you believe I had clicked the wrong dot? All that effort, all those hours! I clicked the right dot and whoosh--the email went right through!

I'm currently updating my calendar and setting up my folders. I'm so thankful for our AGWM tech guys, Bob LaFon and Mark Morton, who do such a great job of leading through each step of our computer issues!
Ariel Rainey