Weekend Education

When I was younger, my mom used to say, "You learn something new every day." I've come to realize in my life that you CAN learn something new every day if you're looking to expand your horizons. One can even learn random and silly things, such as the ten things I learned this weekend:

  1. A book on CD passes driving time like nothing else.
  2. The Sleep Inn in Bridgeport, WV gives out free NIV New Testaments. I hope that people take them and read them.
  3. Gas in West Virginia has a high state tax; it's better to fill up the tank when you get back in MD.
  4. Clarksburg, WV is full of one-way streets. You will stop traffic if you drive the wrong way, even on a Sunday morning.
  5. There is a large Starbucks in Bridgeport, WV.
  6. Bluefield State College (Bluefield, WV) has been listed as one of the nations best colleges for five years running.
  7. A car does not need to ride five feet behind you to indicate that you are going too slow. I'll move as soon as I can get over to the other lane. BACK OFF!
  8. Driving for four hours without a pit stop makes my back hurt.
  9. I need all day Monday to get over the exhaustion of driving 700 miles and preaching twice.
  10. I thought that driving from Hagerstown to Morgantown was rough in a snowstorm. Heavy fog and thunderstorms aren't much better driving conditions.
I met some great people this weekend at two great churches in Clarksburg and Elkins, WV. I really enjoyed seeing the churches and experiencing their unique personalities. It was my first time at each church, so I was glad to make an initial connection with each.
Ariel Rainey