Writer's Block

I feel badly that I haven't really been updating this blog well lately. I'm no busier than usual, perhaps even less, since last week was spring break at the community college (no Arabic class). I thought I would enjoy the week off, but it seemed to fly by, leaving me wondering this past weekend where on earth all that time had gone.

I went to Middle River AG in Essex on Sunday morning. It was an impromptu decision; I didn't have another church scheduled, so I picked a church that I hadn't had much contact with over the past few years. I have some family friends that attend there, and the people of the church are solid gold. I really enjoyed the service; what impressed me most was that every person there introduced themselves to me and chatted me up for a minute or two. That's what I call a friendly church!

This week has started out a bit more hectic than usual because my sister is in the hospital with another flare-up of pancreantitis. We've had Olivia here since early yesterday morning; she's such a delightful child that it's a pleasure to spend time with her, but like any one-year old, she'll wear you out! We all hope that Sarah has a quick recovery, and I appreciate your prayers for her.

I found out yesterday that when I return to the field, it will be under a new supervisor. Our current Area Directors (whose name I will not mention here because of security issues) are retiring. I had the pleasure of serving under their leadership when I was in the Middle East years ago, and I really respected their leadership and vision for that area of the world. I'm glad for them, because I know their retirement plans are to spend more time with their grandchildren. I don't really know the new Area Director couple, but I'm sure that coming years will give me plenty of opportunity!
Ariel Rainey