Long Time No Post

Okay, okay. Obviously, it's been a while since I've posted. I feel badly about that. I think there may still be one or two people who care about this blog.

Lately I've just started feeling like this blog is just another chore hanging over my head. It used to be fun for me; some days I couldn't wait to write about what happened that day. I found events and situations in my life even more interesting because I knew that I would be able to write it all up on my blog later and retelling it would be half the fun. But somewhere in the last few months, I lost that joy.

I'm still reading good books, still having new and interesting experiences. I've still got "thoughts" scrawled out on Galatians and on into I Thessalonians, now. And I'm not ready to abandon this blog completely.

I just need to get re-energized and motivated to keep on blogging.
Ariel Rainey