The Furlough Fifteen (and a Big Announcement)

One of the big things that missionaries complain about is the weight they gain on furlough. Gain and complain; that seems to be our cycle. As soon as we hit the US, after three or four years overseas (some in remote areas), we become like children with eyes bigger than our stomachs: every Dunkin Donuts or Brewster's Ice Cream stand seems to be calling out our names. You keep telling yourself, "I haven't had (insert junkfood name here) in years!" Unfortunately, if you tell yourself this often enough, you won't be able to fit in your clothes again for years, either!

The weight gain is compounded with other factors, too; hours spent sitting in a car traveling to the next speaking engagement, hours spent sitting in front of your computer or phone add up to less movement. Being treated to meals by pastors or even hitting the drive-thru on your way out of town after services usually means a heavy calorie meal, instead of the lighter fare you would normally be eating in your country of service.

I worked really hard during my last term in France to lose weight and have gained it all back since I've been home this year in America. I've gotten to the point that I can't stand it anymore!
Some of you may know that feeling!

So, in the effort to stop the cycle of gaining and complaining, my sister and I have created a weight-loss support group, The Right Fit.* Basically, we like the idea of group motivation and accountability in Weight Watchers, but hate paying the fee every week. We thought, "Why not have a group program for free that does the same thing?"

We are starting The Right Fit on Thursday nights at the Pasadena Assembly of God Family Life Center building on Thursday, July 10, 2008! We'll be meeting at 6:30 pm for about thirty minutes of group discussion on different weight-loss topics each week, followed by a few diet and exercise tips for motivation. For those who like a "weigh-in" program, a scale will be available to track their progress. We want to "bear each other's burdens" but also help those burdens lighten up week by week!

If you are interested in this type of group, consider yourself invited and bring all your friends!

*My sister, whose sense of the humor is certainly unique, suggested "Support Ho's" as the group name, but it was rejected, because we thought no one would want to join that group!
Ariel Rainey