Taking Notes

Today I was looking through some old folders in my desk, searching for a spiral notebook that had blank pages. I came across a notebook from School of Missions when I was a brand-new missionary. I must have taken about 45 pages of notes from all the sessions I attended. It was all new information and I was like a sponge, soaking it all in. Or at least trying to!

What I realized in flipping through the pages was how much of this stuff I had forgotten. There are all sorts of ideas and encouragement in these pages that made an impression the first time (enough that I wrote it down anyway) and then got pushed out of my mind by new information in the time following.

It was great to find that goldmine of information this morning, at a time where I needed a boost of motivation. I'd like to keep referring to it over the next few days to get some more ideas.

This is why we take notes!
Ariel Rainey