Haven't floated away yet

Yesterday I felt like Noah in the ark with all the rain and gusting winds. We stayed in the house once we got our supplies in Boone. Today it is raining again, but it's a more manageable, normal rain.

We came to Boone to do the Mast General Store, with its candy barrels to amuse Olivia, but she had eyes only for the stuffed bears and life-size stuffed dogs for her to "ride" on. She sang Happy Birthday to Sydney, Eric, Grammy, and even the dogs back home while we drove around town.

The plan was to let her play at the Chick-fil-a, like yesterday, but due to the rain, they shut down their playarea. So, I guess its back to the house for us again. Fortunately, for Livvy, the mountain house where we're staying is so new to her, she has fun playing there. It's the adults that are stir-crazy! The house has a giant bowl of fake fruit, that is truly the most realistic fake fruit you will evr see. Livvy loves it!

The rain is supposed to start moving out of the area tomorrow, so we hope to get to Grandfather mountain and Tweetsie on Friday.
Ariel Rainey