Windows Vistadventure

Two days ago, I received my new Dell laptop in the mail. After much research and weighing pros and cons, I finally decided to continue in the world of PC's, rather than get a Mac. Once I made that decision, I just needed to find my perfect laptop, and Dell has served me well for about 8 years now.

My new laptop has Windows Vista on it, and I am going through a bit of a learning curve to make the small adjustments to a new operating system. I'm happy with my new computer so far, in spite of confusion at times. I've been spending hours every day loading all my favorite applications on the new one, transferring all my data from the old one--all that fun stuff.

I don't consider myself a computer nerd. I know how to fix/adjust some stuff, maybe more than some of you, maybe less than others. I try to find the information I need on the 'net so that I can keep everything running smoothly on my computer. With Windows Vista, I've found over the last few days, that it's too new (or possibly just unpopular) for me to find help forums with much information. I'm still finding plenty of articles like, "Port forwarding for Windows XP" and "How to manually open ports for Windows XP1/2" and nothing for Vista. With my old laptop to my right and my new one to my left, I'm having to go step by step with one and figure out the difference on the other all by my lonesome. The good news: I think I've finally done what I needed to do!

Now, I've got to set up my Itunes, which will take a while.
Ariel Rainey