Back in Town

Believe it or not, I try to post regularly on this site. Unfortunately, I don't always have the ability to connect to the internet on my travels. I was in West Virginia this past weekend, and I just wasn't able to update the blog. I got back home yesterday, and I'm headed out of town again in a few hours.

I got the chance to do a ladies fellowship on Tuesday night, and while I was in the area, I arranged a service on Sunday night at a church where I'd never been. I like to tease my West Viriginia friends about being out in the backwoods, but truly, I love that area. I've found that the people respond very freely to the Lord in those churches. This weekend was just further proof of that.

The ladies fellowship had a topic: Being Overwhelmed--something a lot of wives and mothers probably feel at times. When I was preparing for the service, I really felt that God was leading me to share about my depression in France. It's not a subject I enjoy talking about, but I know that many people face depression and feel ashamed or embarrassed to admit it.

From the first few minutes of the message, I could see the women already reacting to the things I was saying. During the altar time, many women came forward for prayer, and I was thrilled to pray for them. Afterward, even more women came to talk to me personally about their struggles with depression and how much they identified with what I shared. I think the Lord gave many women there strength and victory over their unhappiness.
Ariel Rainey