This was such a beautiful weekend, made even better by the camping trip I had with the Girls Clubs of the Eastern Section. I was the speaker for the campfire devotional time on Friday night and two Saturday sessions; the theme was "Race for a Lifetime" so I created a rather ditzy "jogger" character to get the girls attention and started each session with a little dramatic performance. With girls there as young at seven years old, I had to keep their attention! I really enjoyed the girls; they were so sweet when I talked to them during the free time. In spite of the girls being their awkward ages--missing teeth and stringy hair--I saw so much that was truly beautiful in them.

I stayed in a cabin at Elk Neck State Park, while the girls were in the youth group camping section. Nancy Rabbitt, the genius behind the weekend, arranged the cabin for me, and I was glad not to have to pitch my own tent. I didn't sleep so well, in the cabin, however; my close friends and family will tell you that I have irrational fears in the middle of the night. While totally normal during the day, in the darkness I turn into a paranoid wimp. In the middle of the night, I began hearing noises, like someone knocking on the cabin door, then knocking on the roof, the sides of the cabin, the porch. I laid frozen in my sleeping bag, sure that some "State Park Killer" was lurking outside waiting to murder me. Instead, it turns out that I was under a walnut tree, which dropped baseball sized nuts all night. Needless to say, I lost a little sleep. But I managed to live until morning, which is the important thing!
Ariel Rainey