I have oftened marveled at people who do not know or trust Christ. I wonder how they live, how they handle stress and difficulty; mostly I wonder where they place their trust. I made a list the other day of all the possible areas in which someone might stake their confidence:
  • in their job or career
  • in their marriage
  • in their family members
  • in their bank account
  • in their home
  • in their political party

It came to me very dramatically that part of the "crisis" that our nation is facing is not just the collapse of the stock market or the downtrend of our economy, but it is the crumbling away of what people thought was rock solid. Part of the misery of people all around us is that they placed their trust in things that failed. Just look at the divorce rates that continue to rise each year; in our society, love is not even trustworthy.

We often use the word "lost" to describe those who haven't found the peace of Jesus Christ. and it's true: they are "lost" without the Rock that never fails, never collapses, never forecloses, lays off, walks out, or disappoints.

It's not a new problem. It may look different in the 21st century, but even David thought about this problem, "Some trust in chariots and some in horses, but we trust in the name of the LORD our God." (Ps. 20:7) Nowadays, it might be car insurance commericials that throw the word
"trust" around like so much confetti, but it is only Christ that is worthy of our trust.

Ariel Rainey