Congratulations, Michelle!

This week has been a busy one. I spent all day Monday on the phone dealing with my health insurance, and yesterday I spent filling out paperwork for a job application that was very intensive. I was trying to fax it today, but it wouldn't go through correctly, and I finally had to go to the church to fax it from there. I arrived a little while after the mail had come, and our church secretary Debra had sorted it on a side table. I figured I would leaf through one of the magazines, The Potomac Connection, while my fax was going through.

I was surprised to see a testimony printed in the back by my friend Michelle Keller, about the blessing of her son Joshua. She praised God for His answer to prayer for another child--11 years after her son Jacob. I have heard Mark and Michelle testify many times, and their thanksgiving to the Lord is neverending. I'm very proud of Michelle for writing this testimony in to the magazine, which serves as a communication for ministers and churches throughout the Potomac District (MD, VA, WV). It is a honor to have it shared with so many people, but the real honor is God's, who so wonderfully answered the desire of Michelle's heart.
Ariel Rainey