Maria! I've just met a girl named Maria!

West Side Story is amazing. I spent the day downtown in New York, seeing one of my favorite musicals on Broadway as a matinee. The dancing is amazing, and the "revival" of the musical has some interesting changes that I enjoyed.

Afterward we ate an early dinner at Helen's Stardust Diner, on 51st, in which Broadway hopefuls wait tables and sing show tunes in live performances. They dance on tables and crack jokes during musical interludes. The Old Fashioned Malted Milkshake I drank was wonderful, and we enjoyed the live performance of the young, talented wait staff.

Walking along Broadway gave us a lot to laugh at, as usual. I can't even mention on this blog, in the name of good taste, half of the stuff we saw.

We're sitting back in Queens now watching the sun set on a great day, and it was the best (late) birthday present I got this past year.
Ariel Rainey