Thought for Today

We live in a society that values knowledge. In fact, this is called the “Information Age,” where the internet provides wiki answers to any question you pose. With our 3G cell phones, we can access the internet and find information in seconds, while we’re mobile and unable to sit at a computer. More employees have higher degrees at this time than at any other in our nation’s history. “Knowledge is power!” Once uttered by Sir Francis Bacon, this sentence has become the mantra of children’s educational programming and public education initiatives.

Dr. Joyce Meyer states, “Give yourself permission not to know and be satisfied with knowing the One who does,” in her book, I Dare You.

For all the value we place on knowledge, we are still finite. We are limited in our understanding of the world around us, despite our quests to conquer that ignorance. And, if we can’t discover answers through science or research, we turn to psychics and horoscopes for knowledge that is beyond our control.

I believe there is knowledge that we are not meant to have here on earth. That’s why being satisfied to know God, the One who is omniscient, is a key to our relationship to Him. I don’t have to know everything because He already does.
Ariel Rainey