Have You Missed Me?

Sorry that I've been incommunicado lately.

Last Sunday - I preached for a minister friend on vacation. I drove to Winchester afterward for District Council

Monday - I was at District Council, where Larry Hickey reminded us that we ministers need to quit whining.

Tuesday - District Council presents me more food for thought: being "cool" is the new idol of the Church

Wednesday - Driving home from Winchester put me into the local area just in time to go to my favorite temp job--working at the mall at a kiosk.

Thursday - People watching at the mall always gives me something that amuses me, something that shocks me, and lots of friends to visit with.

Friday - I had a job interview in Clinton, MD which isn't over yet. I still have to pass the "practical" French test on a conference call with a native French speaker (I hope he'll call this weekend).

My week has been pretty busy, and it's not over yet. I'll be back at the computer posting regularly though, now that I'm home and able to squeeze in a few minutes between shifts at the mall.
Ariel Rainey