Greasy Grimy Gopher Guts

My family has a new hobby--cleaning up/out my grandmother's home and property. We are selling it, and in a few months, everything must be gone. We've had a few all-family work days so far, and there are plenty more to come. It's a huge job. My grandparents built their home fifty years ago, at least, and with their depression-era mindsets, they didn't throw anything away. My grandfather in particular, just built more sheds to hold all his old rusty mailboxes and broken electronics.

Since his death in 2001, the property has fallen into increasing disrepair; none of us could make it a full-time job, as it was for him. Last week, we did a lot of the outside work, clearing out things that were covered in vines. The harder we yanked, attempting to free stuff, the harder those vines held on! We hauled a few truckloads to the dump last weekend, and this weekend, we got a dumpster delivered.

Today we all split into different areas, some outside, some working in storage areas, and some hauling what turned out to be a lot of trash to the dumpster. Due to recent storms, the basement had flooded, so there was a lot of damage to boxes, too. It didn't take long until we were covered in slime from moldy boxes, sweat, dust, and cobwebs. But at least when we quit for lunch, we had made a big dent in the job that continues. . . .
Ariel Rainey