New Job

I'm really excited about my new job--working as a medical receptionist in a physical therapy office. Already, I've been blessed: my boss hired me at one rate and promised it would increase in three weeks, once I'd learned the responsibilities. Instead, when I got my check today, she wrote in, "I'm so happy with your work ethic, I went ahead and bumped you up immediately." Great news! Plus, I'm working full-time this week as a sub for another employee, which is really helping me catch up with my bills.

Normally, I'll work 3:30- 8:00 pm and then on Fridays during the day. Also, I'm available to sub in for other workers as needed (until I get something else full-time). So, I'm a busy little bee, but it's really encouraging to have my schedule filled after weeks of sending out resumes!
Ariel Rainey