Good News Gets Shared!

I have been offered a new job, starting in 2010, as the director of the Towson Y preschool. I appreciate those of you who were job references for me during my job hunt, and those of you specifically who have stood with me in prayer for a permanent career job.

I've been blessed for the past few months to work 20+ hours a week for a wonderful boss and crew of staff members at Therapy Solutions in Severna Park. It's been so great working there, that I am recommending the job to any of you who are looking or know someone looking. The job here is 2-8 pm Mon.-Thurs, and 12-6 pm on Fridays. It's a fairly easy receptionist job, with the rewards of seeing children all day as they come in for therapy. I've enjoyed the conversations with my fellow colleagues and the parents in the waiting room; this job has seemed more like a group of friends. If you (or someone you know) is interested, please give me a call or email me.

However, I'm excited to move on to a job that is suited to me personally and professionally. I'm being offered some good benefits, and I hope to be a benefit to the Y organization as a whole once I begin working there in January.
Ariel Rainey