A Successful Outreach/Fundraiser

In all the hustle-bustle of the Christmas season, perhaps nowhere is as crowded and crazy as the local shopping mall. Parking spaces are at a premium, and the lines are long at cash registers as everyone tries to get their last few gifts bought.

Severn River Church participated in an outreach/fundraiser for the last two nights at Marley Station Mall in Glen Burnie, in which we wrapped gifts for harried shoppers--mostly men--for a small fee. It gave us a chance to raise some funds for some local missions projects that are coming up this year, as well as gave us some exposure to holiday shoppers who might just be searching for a church as well as the perfect gift!

We raised a little over $300 dollars in two nights, and certainly got exposure to dozens of shoppers who used our services. I was pleased with the results, mainly because of the support of the people who made it happen. I want to thank Lori Mullins, a friend who works at the mall and offered us this opportunity; I'm tremendously grateful to our faithful church members who took orders, wrapped gifts, and encouraged business in many ways: Drew and Jennifer Harrah, Ryan and Meghan Larson, Scott and Terri Poe, Scott Schuler, and Ben Rainey, Sr. I especially appreciate Pastor Ben and Corie who helped lead this activity, since my work schedule didn't allow me to be there the whole time.
Ariel Rainey